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NatWest Island Games - Jersey 2015


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Sam Brand

Sam Brand
27th February
Isle of Man
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Competing In:
Men’s Individual
Position Bib Competitor Island Swim T 1 Cycle T 2 Run Penalties Total
17th 64 IOM Sam Brand IOM 00:24:53.69 00:00:33.15 01:05:10.50 00:00:21.65 00:38:53.55 02:09:52.54

28/06/2015 20:37:47 Confirmed 28/06/2015 20:53:30

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Triathlon Team Men
Position Team Members Time
4th IOM  Isle of Man Anthony Bell-ScottSam BrandJuan KinleyAndrew NashJoseph Michael Ricciardi 06:24:36

28/06/2015 20:44:17 Confirmed 28/06/2015 20:45:36 N/A

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